Wireless Technology – Why should you use it in your plant?

wireless technology

With information on the move, gone are those days when a manager underwent a cardiac arrest on the shop floor because of a leak in the fuel tank. Today, factories, mines, and manufacturing plants are leveraging the benefits of automation and shifting towards smart factories.

According to research, smart factories are likely to add $500 billion to $1.5 trillion in value to the global economy in the next five years.

Today, wireless technology is changing the game and is becoming the priority for every manufacturing organization. From process control to custom-built products, wireless technology offers a wide spectrum of options. From providing real-time communication to security, wireless technology is bolstering the manufacturing standards and bringing a new era of reliability and flexibility to the industrial setting.

Yes, wireless technology is indeed safe to use, and it differentiates a smart factory from a normal factory.

Here are three benefits of deploying wireless technology in your manufacturing plant.

1. Greater flexibility

The absence of wired components enables smoother movement of the components on the factory floor. With wireless technology, manufacturing companies can create tailored-made solutions, which are usable in specific and unique scenarios. Modular production lines and robots are a good example of optimum utilization of wireless technology in the production line. Also, automotive, food and beverage manufacturing plants reap the greatest benefits from wireless technology because the production demands varied movements and the ability to switch from one task to the other. Large cables throttle the movement and increase the risk of unforeseen and unprecedented errors.

2. Enhanced security

Most of the wireless technologies have a pre-defined protocol for communication, which offers a higher degree of security. Most of these technologies deploy data encryption and data authentication method in accordance with the IEEE standards. It protects the manufacturing plant from cyber-attacks and keeps the crucial information away from the cybercriminals. By leveraging wireless technologies, you can cut the cord and see a transformational change in your operations.

3. Increased real-time control

In the age of digital and industrial revolution, the collection of real-time data is more important than ever before. When you enable mobility of equipment and machine, you win half the battle. You fulfil the demand of the real-time control and achieve the performance level you intend to achieve. Furthermore, enhanced machine mobility elevates productivity, which contributes to higher sales.

If you want to increase your control and visibility of the equipment in your plant through wireless technology, Robycs Technology can provide the necessary tools to start building a connected enterprise, which is secure, reliable and offers the greatest amount of flexibility. Contact us today!