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24-Hour Emergency Industrial Electrical Repairs

Our industrial maintenance technicians are here to help when you need it most so that you can get back to business ASAP. We offer comprehensive, around-the-clock service so that you don’t lose a moment of productivity. Our full-service repairs are available 24 hours.

  • Breakdown Support for all electrical, and mechanical industrial equipment
  • Component Replacement
  • Switchboard and MCC Repairs
  • High Voltage Maintenance
  • PLC and HMI Programming/Repair
  • Hazardous Area Maintenance

Industrial Electrical Maintenance Services

Emergency Industrial Electrician Support

Whether we like it or not, machinery breaks down—and it’s often at the worst times. Robycs Technology offers emergency support to get you back up and running in no time.

Industrial Maintenance Support Service

The best defense is a good offense. Our service technicians provide ongoing industrial electrician maintenance to prevent as much downtime as possible and to mitigate risks.

Facilities Electrical Audit

We conduct thorough electrical audits on facilities to look for problems such as misconfigurations, machinery that’s at risk of failure, or even spots to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Prevent Breakdowns at your facility - Get your free site audit Today

Regular site audits are crucial for mitigating downtime, maintaining operational optimisation, ensuring compliance, and guaranteeing a safe working environment for factory floor workers. Just as we schedule regular physicals with a doctor to keep our bodies healthy, we need to take care of our plants to prevent breakdowns.

As one of Sydney's leading Industrial Automation providers, we can also help identify if your robotic equipment, process controls and supervisory systems are functioning correctly.

4 Reasons to Choose Our Industrial Maintenance Support Services

To ensure reliable industrial output and to prevent downtime and lost revenue, manufacturers rely on maintenance services conducted by Robycs Technology. Why is it important to include maintenance support services for your business?

  • Reduce Downtime - Just like you don’t wait for your car’s engine to overheat before changing the oil, preventative maintenance slashes downtime on the factory floor
  • Increase Equipment Lifespan - Conducting regularly scheduled maintenance keeps your machines up and running for longer, thus increasing their total lifespan
  • Increase Efficiency - Nothing runs quite like a well-oiled machine. Industrial maintenance keeps everything in top shape so that you get maximum efficiency
  • Lower Costs - It’s much cheaper to maintain machinery than to fix it after it breaks or replace it altogether, making regular maintenance a worthwhile investment

Our Electrical Support service for Industry

Industrial businesses rely on scheduled electrical maintenance because electrical components are the lifeblood of any manufacturing plant. They power your entire operation. When your VSDs or supervisory systems fail, your operation grinds to a halt, so businesses want to get ahead of the game by conducting regular maintenance.

  • RCD Testing, Safety Switches, Testing and Tagging
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Switchboard Maintenance and Inspections
  • VSD Testing and Maintenance
  • Generator Testing and Maintenance
  • UPS Service and Testing
  • Air Circuit Breaker Testing

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