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“Honesty and integrity in today’s tough business environment are becoming increasingly hard to encounter. SAS (Robycs Technology), as well as having both these attributes, backs this up with a high-level technical ability and experience. Thanks for all the support and look forward to working with SAS again soon”

Frank Bichler
Project Manager Leader at Brolton Group, NSW, Australia

“Working with Robycs Technology has been a straight forward solution. Their attention to detail and their passion for their work really shines through their craftsmanship within the project. Your systems in place have benefited our company and have delivered the results within budget. Thank you. I would highly recommend your company and your services.”

Vasil Figis
Director of VAS Automation, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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We are happy to travel for installation projects around Australia. Robycs Technology can assist with producing maintenance schedules and providing support when required. We leave our clients with a positive impression of our company. We value your business and look forward to working with you in the future.


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Whether you need Industrial electrician assistance, or service support, at Robycs Technology, we believe innovation is the way of the future. Our team can assist you with developing safe and effective maintenance programs. We are happy to meet and discuss the benefits of having a successful maintenance plan with you. This will help maximise your uptime and make sure you are running efficiently at all times to help save your company money in the long term.

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Recent projects by Robycs Technology

Pharmaceutical industrial automation

AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Bar Code Tracking Automation

Client Our client, AstraZeneca Australia, is a global biopharmaceutical company that researches, develops, manufactures and supplies medicines in Australia. The three main focus areas include cardiovascular and metabolic disease, oncology and respiratory, inflammation and autoimmunity. Problem The client needed precise bar code tracking for products prior to packing. This was important as it enabled them […]

Qantas A380 Industrial Electrician

Qantas A380 maintenance platform electrical controls design

Client This project was undertaken for an engineering contractor on behalf of the Qantas airlines. At the time, Qantas had recently invested in a fleet of Airbus A380s, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. As Australia’s flagship airline operating a fleet of 126 aircraft, Qantas enjoys a strong reputation for safety, engineering, maintenance and reliability. Problem […]

Mining Electrical contractor

Machine Vision Safety Controls for BlueScope Iron Ore Unloader

Client Our client is BlueScope, an Australian steel material provider with operations across countries like New Zealand, North America, Asia and the Pacific Islands. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel products, BlueScope has three berths at Port Kembla in NSW – bringing in iron ore shipments from numerous locations. Problem BlueScope’s No.2 […]

Latest Industrial Technology Articles

Choosing the Right Materials for Metal Fabrication Projects

By Raymond Sanchez | 03/09/2020 | Comments Off on Choosing the Right Materials for Metal Fabrication Projects
metal fabrication material

There’s no substitute for high-quality materials in manufacturing. Just like a chef needs to start with fresh ingredients to make a delicious meal, metal fabricators require certified, industrial-grade metals to create machinery that’s reliable, durable, and safe. There’s no substitution. Different projects, however, require different types of raw materials. Some […]

The 10 Step Process of Fabricating Steel

By Raymond Sanchez | 15/08/2020 | Comments Off on The 10 Step Process of Fabricating Steel
fabricating steel

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news, but we’re going to say it anyway: steel machinery brings a lot of benefits to the factory floor. This iconic metal is strong, safe, durable, and cost-efficient, making it the go-to choice for a large variety of projects. These span from skyscrapers made from structural […]

Why effective PLC Programming is essential for your business

By Raymond Sanchez | 22/07/2020 | Comments Off on Why effective PLC Programming is essential for your business
PLC Programming

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the major components in industrial automation and control systems. PLC programming is an essential task that skilled industrial electricians perform during the configuration of the automated control systems for your business. If you’re an Australian business considering installing new automation controls, robotic systems or upgrading […]

6 Different Types of Electricians in Australia

By Raymond Sanchez | 20/06/2020 | Comments Off on 6 Different Types of Electricians in Australia
types of electricians

When it comes to choosing the right electrician for the job, it really depends on what the job is. Many electricians specialise in a certain market and your everyday electrician isn’t necessarily trained to work in an industrial or commercial setting. Here’s a quick guide to the main different types […]

How Industry 4.0 is being used right now in Australia

By Raymond Sanchez | 11/06/2020 | Comments Off on How Industry 4.0 is being used right now in Australia
Industry 4.0

Industry is no stranger to revolution. The first industrial revolution in the 18th century harnessed steam power and completely changed our businesses and our lives. The second revolution, mass production via assembly lines and electricity, and the third industrial revolution, a result of adopting computers and automation, brought us to […]

How Industrial Electricians Help Businesses

By Raymond Sanchez | 03/04/2020 | Comments Off on How Industrial Electricians Help Businesses
Industrial Electrician Australia

An industrial electrician is a specialised type of electrician who works primarily in industrial establishments in Australia like factories, plants, mines and maintenance facilities. They typically carry out maintenance on mechanical and electrical equipment, including testing, process control and replacing components. Industrial electricians help businesses upgrade their electrical systems when […]

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