Machine Vision Safety Controls for BlueScope Iron Ore Unloader

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Our client is BlueScope, an Australian steel material provider with operations across countries like New Zealand, North America, Asia and the Pacific Islands. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel products, BlueScope has three berths at Port Kembla in NSW – bringing in iron ore shipments from numerous locations.


BlueScope’s No.2 ore unloader at Port Kembla required greater safety controls to avoid crush and collision hazards with vehicles underneath and to ensure complete safety of the crew. The biggest issue was that it was impossible for the operator to see the ground and vehicles below from inside the controller.


The industrial electricians at Robycs Technology designed and integrated cameras into the base (on all sides) of the unloader and also connected them to the machine vision systems. We also integrated a control system designed to automatically slow the unloader down when it got too close to vehicles and stopped the unloader from moving if vehicles entered the hazard area. It was also capable of detecting people for enhanced safety processes. We also introduced upgrades to the Motor Control Centre (MCC) panel – enabling it to incorporate the machine vision system seamlessly.


As a result of our camera design and integration, there was an overall increase in workplace safety during the iron ore unloading process. There was a much lower risk of human error with the introduction of this automation control solution. Not only were collisions with vehicles and other items avoided, but crush injuries and damage around the unloader also significantly reduced.

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