Universal Robots – How Cobots can Save your Company Thousands of Dollars

universal robots

Back in the 1940s, the cost of labor was affordable, and humans were willing to perform repetitive tasks for a meager salary. But, since then, the cost of labor has steadily increased, and the willingness to perform the mundane and repetitive tasks on the assembly line has consistently decreased. In the same period, the cost of acquiring and maintaining a robot has witnessed a significant decline.

The average employee turnover in the U.S manufacturing is close to 16%, which imposes a huge burden on the finances in the name of training and quality cost.

Today, robots range from micro-robots to collaborative robots (Cobots), each designed to share the workstation with the human counterparts. While cobots cannot offer all the benefits of an industrial robot, they can prove effective in the manufacturing sector.

How can you save thousands of dollars with cobot?

The average cost of labor in the U.S. in the manufacturing sector is $9.11 per hour. On the other hand, the average robot labor cost is $3 per hour, including the installing and engineering cost.

A manufacturing firm employing 100 workers is set to save $4880 every day if 100 employees work for 8 hours a day.

The mathematics is simple!

By spending on robots, a manufacturing firm can save thousands of dollars.

The cost of installing a robot is cheaper than the labor cost in India, China, and other low-cost countries.

Are you still in a dilemma of whether to install a cobot or not?

Let us clear your confusion by saving some more money!

How can cobots provide quicker and higher ROI?

Contrary to the heavy industrial robots, collaborative robots offer a quicker and a higher return on investment (ROI). Universal robots usually earn back their cost within 6 months of installation.

Yes, just 6 months! It’s time you spend on training an employee the manufacturing process.

 In the manufacturing sector, training the electrician and mechanical engineer to operate the robot is crucial. It helps in avoiding any bottlenecks in the process. Cobots are easier and simpler to use, which means employees are trained faster, leaving no room for mistakes.

It’s their design, ease of use and efficiency that accelerates the speed of achieving the ROI.

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