How to Think Big in the Machine Building Game?

machine building

The digital twin of machine building is automation, which is the becoming the backbone for plants and machinery.  And, the twin is leaving no stone unturned to ensure optimization of machine design and smooth operations in a manufacturing plant. According to research, the digital twin of machine building is likely to create an impact of Euro 75 billion by 2025. A manufacturing company can only leverage this potential if the machines are networked and are capable of understanding and self-optimizing the future changes. This also requires a solid communication channel wherein the integrated systems can share information related to planning, processing, and production with the machines.

Developing such an awesome digital twin requires an out-of-the-box software system, which can successfully implement the twin across the entire value chain. Unless the manufacturing company thinks big, the landscape of machine building will remain a mystery. With correct implementation, machine building enables the mechanical engineers and electricians to operate the machines effortlessly. It helps in producing custom built products by offering greater flexibility.

There is no better time and age than today to start thinking big.

1) Visualize the opportunities

Do some justice to yourself and permit yourself to think big and out-of-the-box. Currently, the biggest trend in machine building is demand for intelligent and smart processes. If you feel IIoT is the solution to your question, implement the same without giving a second thought. Visualize and explore different intelligent processes like Big Data and artificial intelligence to reduce cost and save time.

2) Connect with what is at stake

This is your rationale, which surprisingly many manufacturing and process control companies overlook. Before you find out a way to decide how to build an intelligent process, discover why you need the process in the first place. What will happen if you fail in developing such a process? Knowing what is at stake will help you build intelligent robot system applications, which can not only withstand the harsh environment, but will also increase the adaptability and flexibility.

3) Start small

Once you know the opportunities and what is at stake, you need to take baby steps. Take one value proposition and give your 400%. Always, remember that to grow big, you need a solid foundation. From there you can take things to the next level.  Slowly and gradually, you can increase the efficiency, flexibility, and quality of the production process.

Thinking big is not a gift given to some, it’s a skill, which is like wine because it gets better with time.