Why machine safety is essential for your business

Industrial machine safety

It may seem like the safety department of a manufacturing firm has gone mad – the authorities are forever stacking rules, regulations and red tapes on people and machines that are working hard.

Moving machinery possess serious threats to the safety of the worker because it has the potential to cause life taking injuries. In the manufacturing sector, machine safety is always given due importance because parts of a human body can get trapped in the rollers, belts or drivers in a jiffy.

Sharp edges of the machinery puncture the skin and cause cuts and deep wounds.

Workplace injuries to electricians and mechanical engineers arise due to the machine becoming unreliable or developing faults due to mishandling by an untrained employee.

Whatever may be the reason, in the end, the life of a worker is at the risk.

Machine safety can affect you in a myriad of ways, including the following.

1) Enhances worker productivity

According to research, lack of resources and unsafe working environment are factors drastically affecting the productivity of a worker. When managers compromise on machine safety, it leaves the working environment prone to serious and deathly health issues. Failure to abide by the machine safety rules results in workers lodging complaints, which eventually hampers the productivity. And, productivity has a direct link with the revenue generation capacity of a manufacturing sector. By complying with industrial safety regulations, companies avoid prosecution and increases the productivity.

2) Conserves the brand reputation

Preventing workplace accidents and mitigating health-related issues has become a prime importance in the manufacturing world. For example, the brand image of Tyson Foods – a mega food corporation was tarnished because the company was overlooking machine safety and asking the workers to operate heavy machinery from a close distance. After the issue came into limelight, the witnessed a declining trend in the sales and revenue. 

Preventing accidents helps in building a respectable and positive image. Good public relation surges the sale and generates more leads.

3) Increases innovation

A high-quality workplace environment boosts the cooperation between the employees and the senior management. It empowers the electrician and mechanical engineer to deliver a working environment which gives them job autonomy and freedom to innovate.

The calculation here is simple!

Workers cannot innovate or produce results in an unsafe working environment.