3D Plant Simulation – Is it the Way of the Future?

3d plant simulation

With the increasing innovation, even the technologically crippled sector like manufacturing is beginning to IT assistance for success in the manufacturing and process control. With the rapid improvement in 3-D simulation, the manufacturing sector is relying heavily on 3-D plant simulation to reconstruct the behavior of complex systems.

3-D simulation is empowering the electrical and mechanical engineers to check and make rectifications in the dimensions of the product plant and process layout. Today, you can simulate the layout of an assembly line and improve the efficiency of the process.

It’s the future and manufacturers can bestow their trust on simulation to produce outstanding results.

How 3-D plant simulation is changing the entire landscape of manufacturing?

Since its inception, the manufacturing sector has been striving hard to optimize the processes and bring a sea-change in the way production is carried out. 3-D plant simulation is lending a helping hand to make this goal achievable. From optimizing the production systems to logistic operations, mechanical engineers run a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios without experimenting any of the scenarios in real-time.

The 3-D simulation is enabling flexible, and quicker response to changes, which is empowering the electricians and operators to visualize the workflow before making amendments in the production line.

It’s creating a working environment, which is less prone to errors and focused on delivering quality products in a timely manner.

Apart from ensuring optimizing the material flow, companies are using simulation to develop training methods to help the workers learn in a real-time environment.

For example, Mercedes-Benz one of the leading car manufacturer in the world, using the 3-D plant simulation has created a virtual assembly line with the digital car models and assembly line components to teach the workers the best way of carrying out a task on the assembly line.

Though the ability to build high-end 3-D plant simulation models has been available for a while, lack of skills and high cost were hindering the growth of simulation in the manufacturing sector. However, this is no longer a barrier because of availability of advanced graphics processors and skilled electrical engineers.

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