Robotic palletizer

What To Look For When Choosing a Robotic Palletizer System?

Your business is scaling fast, and you need to improve the speed of your packaging. You can hire more laborers, but that will only resolve the issue for some time. As a business leader, you need a long-haul solution. What you need is an automated system.

If you opt for a conventional automated palletizing solution that would take space in your factory. You require something stable and flexible enough to grow your business.

What you need is a robotic palletizer system.

Palletizing might seem like something simple; it’s just organizing the objects into a pallet. You might be assuming that there are one or two solutions for this, but there are more.

There are three types of Robot Palletizing System that you must consider before making the right decision.

There are tons of Robotic Palletizing Systems out there, but you must choose the one that fulfills your need. 

6-axis Industrial Robots

An industrial robot is a high-performance robot with great flexibility. The 6-axis robot is ideal for welding and 3D printing. With the correct end effector, this robot can be used for palletizing, and it can also be used for several other tasks other than palletizing.

Collaborative Robots

These are the robots that have gained popularity in the past couple of years. The robots are safe to use around humans. Since these robots aim to work around humans so they can be a little slow in performing their tasks. If you have a small, tedious job of palletizing small objects, these robots are ideal for the job.

Dedicated Palletizing Robots

This is probably the best option for palletizing robots because this type of robot can perform a task more efficiently. These robots have five axes on the end of the effector, which points downwards. These six are used for coupling, which is quite effective for handling heavy loads without affecting the speed.

Once you know which type of robot is the right fit for you, look at the various robots available in the market. When you see those robots, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for the perfect robot for your work.

In an age where competition is tough, robotic palletizer systems can help your company gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. It is wise to know which one will be the right choice for you before you buy it.

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