Month: February 2018

Automation Controls

AstraZeneca gets Precision Product tracking with Robycs’ Automation Controls

Astra Zeneca provides pharmaceutical products to the worldwide market. The new barcode serialized project allows precise barcode identification and product tracking for Australia and the overseas market. Details: Design electrical schematic drawings for the main control cabinet (MCC) and location devices using EPLAN P8 Electrical schematic drawing software. Siemens PLC & HMI Programming

Custom Built Technology. Who owns the technology?

With every passing year, the human interaction with machinery has become more entwined with the advent of advanced technology. The concept of custom-built machinery is spreading like a wildfire, and today the manufacturing sector is thriving on it. Manufacturing firms are more reliant on the custom-built machinery than ever before. The absence of tailored-made machines cripples the …

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